2019 Tech Requirements

Be sure to read the tech requirements for the type of event you are registering for, Grassroots, Street Legal or New England Top Drift

What is expected of you for all events:
-Drivers must attend the morning drivers meeting. We will not do personal drivers meetings. Please make prior arrangements with a track official before the day of the event if you absolutely can not make it. Otherwise you can not drive.

-Be alert and pay attention to all flaggers, and track officials. If you do not, you will be sent off track. Repeat offenses will result in being ejected from the track.

-Keep the pits clean. Use the trash receptacles.
-Spills must be cleaned IMMEDIATELY. Water is preferred in cooling system, but coolant is ok.

Drivers meeting attendance is mandantory

No exceptions

  Grassroots Events Requirements
-SA2010 approved helmet required. No M or DOT rated helmets allowed. Helmet sharing not allowed.
-Long pants, closed toe shoes, and a shirt will be required. 
 -No leaks, No Broken wheel studs. No Hanging parts, No bad tierods or balljoints.
-Gas tanks must remain in factory location. Fuel cells okay if mounted correctly.
-Safe & Secure seat/seat belt a must!. Harnesses must be properly mounted and not expired.
-Fire Extinguishers are required for all cars. Must be securely mounted & within reach of driver while seated with harness on.
-Battery must be securely tied down -- No bungee cords or rope.
-Car must have a visible tow hook! No tow hook, we hook to first thing we see.
Lock City Officials have the right to stop a car from driving at any time during an event for any tech violations as they seem fit.

Grassroots Drivers Group Classification​​
C GROUP-  is for the beginners or anybody who is just starting out.
B GROUP- is for the more experienced drivers. Drivers who can sucessfully complete the course at most times without losing control of the vehicle. Knowing what to do when one or others around you spun out. 
A GROUP- is for the most experienced drivers who are familiar with the facility, show proper car control, and can complete the track without issue. A Groups' cars are also required  to meet a certain standard of advance mechanicabilty if trying to get onto the road course.
Lock City Officials have the right to move drivers into other groups as they seem fit. 

Lock City Street Series

These rules are in place in an effort to maintain an even playing field for all drivers. As we know the world of competitive driving often leaves the person who has less dollars to spend at a severe disadvantage. This series is intened to create a platform for those who drift a street car and not a car set up for the pro-am level. 
Car and Driver Regulations

1. SA2010 approved helmet required. No M or DOT rated helmets allowed. 
2. Long pants, closed toe shoes, gloves and a long sleeve shirt will be required.

3. Cars must have full interior. (at least 90%)
4. Cars are required to be clean have all body panels on at the start of every event to compete.
5. Operational headlights and taillights are required.
6. Suspension mounting points cannot be modified. Coil overs, modified knuckles, all these things are fine.  No quick change rear ends or after market sub frames.
7. Factory glass required. Cannot be replaced with Lexan.
8. Cages can be welded or bolted in. If bolted in a sandwhich plate must be used.  Tech inspector may use his discretion when approving cages and design, and if you have any questions please contact us prior to the event. 
10. All cars are required to run the Street Series windshield banner.
11. The use of "semi-slick" or "R" rated compounds in the rear of vehicles will not be allowed. Tire width may not exceed 245mm. Any tire with treadwear rating sub 160 is considered R compound and not allowed.
Engine Regulations.

1.  Cars must retain the original engine type and stock injectors unless otherwise permitted.
2.  Cars must have a muffler and be under 103dB
3.  Turbo cars may not have a larger turbo than comes equipped on the motor stock. There are no boost restrictions.
f.  Pump gas only. 103 octane sold at Thompson Motorsports Park is permitted.
g.  No forced induction V8 even if stock.
Allowed engine swaps are:
1.  240sx may have any generation SR20DET that came in JDM models or KA24 motors in the USDM models.  KA24 motors are allowed with stock SR20DET injectors and turbo to be installed.
2.  SC300 may have JDM market 1JZ engines.
3.  2nd gen Miata may have the mazda speed turbo kits installed, no engine swaps are permitted.
4.   BMW's may swap another straight 6 if that engine was offered in that chassis. (example: e36 m50's can be swapped for s52 but not a s54 becuase that was only offered in an e46 chassis.)

The "registered for the street" exception - If the car you want to enter into the Street Series does not meet a certian rule/ regulation but it is currently registered in your state to drive on public roads it can be petitioned for review to be accepted into the series.  Lock City Officials may or may not approve your car depending on set up. This review would need to take place at least 1 week prior to the event.​​​

New England Top Drift